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Panacea Developments Ltd

Redefining the boundaries of lean construction implementation.

Redefining The Boundaries of Lean Construction

Defining the success rate of a construction project is often linked to tangible deliverables such as time, cost, quality, health and safety and the sustainability of the approach and products used. The hidden and notably more discernible qualities, such as emotional intelligence, cognitive behaviour, and leadership implementation techniques, are seemingly overlooked and often discounted.


PDL recognises the requirement for a holistic approach to project deliverance whilst incorporating the recognisable and overlooked deliverables. Utilising technologies such as BIM (Building Information Modelling), AI (Augmented Intelligence) and site connectivity with a revised approach to leadership implementation, PDL will redefine the boundaries of construction leadership.


Services PDL Provide

Total Quality Management (TQM)



Leadership & Management

"Inspiring performance through harnessing motivated energy"

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